<3 a G e (underoath_x) wrote,
<3 a G e

damn thank god

well a lot has happened this past week to much cryin and way to much confusin . vinny messed up a lot since last thrusday but i gave him one more try to show me he actually cares.so me and him are finally goin back out and things bin goin good these past two days i finally got a piece of shit job at shoprite but whateva its betta then nothin. im goin out with vinny . im just tryin to be happy and hopefully nothin goes wrong. sandra is fianlly home thank god and i cant wait to fuckin see her i missed her way to much and theres soo much i need to tell her and she needs to tell me. so i guess i can say afta wastin so many tears and shit things are finally workin out for me.
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