<3 a G e (underoath_x) wrote,
<3 a G e

yesterday was a horrible day vinny =(

lately my days fuckin sucks ... iv bin fightin with vinny constantly cause of his lies.yesterday all i found out from otha people was his fuckin lies so i had to end everythin we had which i realy didnt wanna but its trationst for me cause i dont deserve all this fustration i really cared about him sooo muchh and i got fucked like always cause once i care about someone its like fuck her i dont give a shit im done with fuckin carin about eveythin was it like wrong for to look out for someone that i wanted to try to be a in relationship but then again maybe it was just me maybe i was just to hard on him cause i had one simple fuckin rule and of course he couldnt follow it wtff. i knew we were ment to be but i guess now we will neva know. cause he fucked upp... he was one of the reason i wanted to go to school everyday he was my only friend and the numba one person i can be myself around.but i cnt even look at him the same no more i dont think someone hurt me this much all in one fuckin week... like he actually mad me believe that he actually loved me and showed me that he did but was that a lie too... i was something that u would have with ur friends.?/how could you look into someones eyes and say u love them but all u do is fuckin hurt them i dont fuckin get it..im soo done with guys its not even funny i guess i dont deserve to be happy.or maybe i just dont belong with a guy from here cause i dont belong here whateva im fuckin donneee. and i liked tryied to be nice which he is lucky about but he still is bein a dick.i dont fuckin get ittt.
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