<3 a G e (underoath_x) wrote,
<3 a G e

its all because of me

i just wannaa give it upp i want it to come to end already. when does all this pain stop when does everything go away im losin everything.my family hates me soo much noone cares about me anymore i care so much for my family and they just dont listen to me..iv bin soo happy since iv bin on longisland with everyone and smiling all the time. my best friend was my sista and now she hates me noone cant even look me as adrienne they look at me like a miserable bitch.. my anut talked too much shit about me and my mom just stand aside like its nothing i hate them soo much i just want this suffering to stop..... i cried sooo hard they have no idea how much they hurt me.. i try my best to be the best but its always about vic. they look at my grade which was a 95 on a test and they were like wow vic thats good and im like umm thats mine there like what did u cheat adrienne i just hate themm... i just want my life to end already..i want them to just let me go already. i told my family i would neva be like them EVER but they think my life is gonna be shit when im older. i dont know anymore im soo lost when im here .. when im home i never stop smiling..i know if i end this life i will hurt so many people im not scared to die im not scared to end this fuckin stupid life of mine.but i thik about my friends and saul those who love me and i love them sooo muchh.i cant let my family defeat me. i need to be strong i really doo. i just hate everything right now.
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