<3 a G e (underoath_x) wrote,
<3 a G e

blankkkkkk =(

last night i cried all night even when i was on the phone with saul i was trying to hide it so much. i wish he was here with me at all times i really cant wait to i come back out there i miss caite soo much i just miss everyone like hell........ school fuckin sucks i like totaly just fuckin givin up im like rolling ova and dieing im soo fed up with that fuckin schoool i cant take it anymore i really do fuckin hate everyone most i oonly like talken to vinny and drew and a couple of otha people...i hate yelling at my mom and my sista im a very bad sista.. im a daughter hiding her depressing and im a sista acting like im fine and trying to show her right from wrong.... i just cant do anything anymore..i hate looking at myself in the mirror cause i dont feel pretty anymore and all i do is fuckin eat cause i having too do thats what i do eat fuckin work out and fuckin cry great fuckin life for a girl who is gonna be fuckin seventeen.. i really just want my fuckin mom and dad to let me go i dont nothing good for them and i never will they still have little ms perfect victoria to make them happy in everything she does..noone can fuckin help me im one my fuckin own.. i really need a fuckin job but then i dont want one cause then i wont be in lindenhurst as much ..... i cant wait to fuckin go to florida and just get the fuck away i just wanna lay on the fuckin beach with my buddy and smoke my ciggs ... and yea another thing iv bin smokin soo much lately like its fuckin gross... well i dontt knoww at allllll im just fuckin sjfhsjkhfkshfklsjflk;jadfoiweurwryuiuerytuvblah =(

i miss you all sooooo muchhh
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