<3 a G e (underoath_x) wrote,
<3 a G e


well iv bin trying to do a little betta with my life im just working around with life like i dont care. i have a feeling im going to summer school im giving up i dont really get it cause iv always bin strong with myself but im melting away im not myself i feel like i dont even know who i am anymore. everyone knows im fuckin miserable and it fuckin sucks. i cant wait til the 28 when im home to see everyone then im going to florida i need a fuckin break then ill be back home til the 15 im pretty fuckin excited.. anyways saul makes me extremely happy and he knows how to make a girl smile........ anyways i really dont know if i can make it any longer here im fuckin falling apart and noone getts it that its not that fuckin easy for me. i feel that like every since we moved here my family is slowing falling apart daddy is never here hes always home on longisland my mom doesnt do nothing but cook and clean and most likely cry cause she knows her two kids are gone and her other daughter is a miserable reck.. i just want this year to be over already i wanna fuckin be back home already FOR GOOD. and never come back to this place except when i visit my parents... there is like something seriously wrong with my brain im extremely bipolar and i cant help that at all and it fuckin sucks one minute i laugh the next minute im yelling and crying i cant deal with it. but anyways things are a little better cause i have saul in my life.
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