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umm yea well this has bin another boring fuckin week i thought i was going today but no that didnt happen.i really want to see saul cait and danny and them and i wanted to see other people too but some people need to understand that im only there for one day i hate makin choosing who im seeing.i really wish people can come here sometimes cause it makes me mad that noone comes see me and i have to begggggg all the time to come home.. i really havent bin doing nothing at all lately just sitting around havin bad break downs... i keep getting so outta breath and my head is always banging i hate it. i hate thinking i hate missing i hate everything .i really just wish i had powers that i can just change everything and things would be perfect and i wouldnt have to put on a fake smile to people. i need a long vaction im surpose to go to florida but i really wanna be with my friends cause i miss them so much. i miss sandra a lot and i fucked up big time with her i miss EVERYONE.. i started going to school and im kinda getting my act together i just have five weeks to pass this quater and i hope i get a 65 atleast..anyways saul my best friend makes me feels so good about myself he is my favorite person and he makes me so happy i never really had some who can talk to me for forever he is such a good person i love him.. i cant wait til summer so i can be home for three months and be happy with everyone . im counting down the days. anyways my relationship with my mom isnt so good we always fight cause im not a good daughter im not like the other two or like her son.im not even a good sista i take everything out on my sista and she really doesnt deserve it. but anyways ill write more later im gonna go do something like sit in my room like i do 24-7 cause thats my life...

love you<3333
miss you all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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