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i dont know im feeling a little bit betta. i just hate how noone has no faith in me.its always about vic joey and nicole and how proud my family is of vic and she is gonna amount to something and im not cause i have serious problems. im trying to do betta in school i realy am and im tryin my best i just cant wait to finally prove mommy and daddy and the rest of the family that i can actually do something. maybe ill be the only giannettino who isnt gonna do anything with there life like adults in my family ill be the only teenage girl who isnt gonna make it to college. i blame myself but really i should blame them everyone knows it too cause i was actually doing GREAT in school.and i know im sorry for blaming them but its true.. i cant wait til im eightteen and i can just do what i want. i know im not gonna make millions like victoria is gonna but i know where eva i end up in life i know ill be okay even if im alone. i miss my friends terribally bad..i feel lost in a world noone knowing who i am.sometimes i wish i can be vic and be smart about life but i just think about all my friends and my social life to much... my family knows it tho that im gonna be a fuck up they always looked at me like that and i put myself that way if only i can be who i was things would be different i know it.. i pray every single night and i cry before i go to that things would just go right for me in school and people need to stop compairing me to vic cause i will NEVERRRRRRRRRR be her... i am my own person who hardly knows her self a sista trying for her little sista to look up to and hopeing she will never end up like me i am niece a daughter a friend pretending that everything is okay when nothing is.... =( just want my life back thats all.
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