<3 a G e (underoath_x) wrote,
<3 a G e

im stupid =(

i lost the only thing that made me happy today. i wish i could take it back i didnt mean to leave him im not sure if i still do if i did then why im i crying since it happened why do i pretend that im happy. im really stupid cause all these fucking things going threw my fuckin head.. i really hope he dont find someone else cause i kno i dont want noone else me and him had a love like no other.its just me being stupid cause im confused and i wasnt that happy and i thought it was him but i know it had nothing to do with him its just me. i know we will be back together again i know it but thats if he would take my stupid ass back.i just need my space sometimes like back a long time ago when i losst like the only boyfriiend i thought i would ever love i fucked up afta that then i got my life together by self and did really really good in school.maybe i can make it without him but idk if i can cause he was my everything we were ONE. we were the best couple ever we really were. its just the hole fucking distance thing kills me so badly i know i still love him and i always will hopefully he feels the same way. just noone Don't make the same mistake I did.dont let yourself be so angry that you stop lovin because one day you will wake up from the ange and the person you love will be gone just like me i had so fuckin anger in me and i still do i just rather deal with it alone i rather be sad and depressed then make julian go threw what i have too since were one he must have the same feelings. he was the only guy that respect me and the only one i can saying anything to and the one who made me laugh at everything and who 56456445545698798789321231 times different from ever single guy and he was the only guy who knew a relationship wasnt just about sex . but whatever its my fault and i need to see how i really feel about this cause this is how i feel so far. julian i want you to know if your reading this ............. im really sorry im a stupid girl.i will love you forever and ever and i know u understand the reason why i did this ... (im rreally fuckin stupid.)) i love you sooooooooo much baby 9-22-06
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